Inspired by the post-new (…)" /> Inspired by the post-new (…)" /> Inspired by the post-new (…)" /> | Betty Barclay Inspired by the post-new (…)" />
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Comfy yes... Frumpy no...
Comfortable chic by Betty Barclay
Betty BarclayAfter all the End of year festivities and skin tight party dresses, we can now look forward to a period of comfy wear.
Clothes that are just as stylish as they are comfortable.

Inspired by the post-new year fitness goals you can expect to see a lot more women wearing casual, athletic wear in the streets.
The perfect outfit before getting ready for our Summer dresses.

Marine and red give the 2019 version of athleisure staying power. With this look you will easily change into your gym clothes after work. Right? And if not, this look is perfect for coach potatoes too. Sshh!
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Betty BarclayBetty Barclay
Betty BarclayBetty Barclay