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To kick off 2020, we’re celebrating
the word COLORFUL and what it means
to Steve Madden as a brand
Steve MaddenAs we celebrate 30 years, we’re feeling nostalgic while refusing to live in the past. We reference, repurpose, and reuse, as we strive to give everything we do a fresh and modern take.
We’re finding rich, earthy vibes in espadrilles, and have added a much needed dose of sparkle with oversized stones and shiny iridescence.
Take on the season in a dreamy new range of pastels, or in the cool textures of futuristic joggers and sandals.

SPRING PASTELS. We’re reimagining what color means for Spring, which calls for celebrating a fresh new spectrum of pastels.
From Nectur and Bultra’s mint, to Vala’s soft blue croc, they’re sartorially inspiring and ultimately chic. Bertie in washed denim is a fun new take on a Madden classic.
We’re just going to say it; Pastels for spring are kind of revolutionary.

NATURAL VIBES. Get back to nature with our innovative new espadrilles, sleek wooden styles, and collection of monochrome nudes.
Lift yourself higher with the help of McKenna’s wedge heel and Cowboy’s wild spirit. Those who prefer to keep it simple can relish in the ease of Lounge’s chunky heels and stately straps.
Finally, toss your must haves in BScene and head out the door to take on the day with a little clear sidekick.
These natural staples are sure to bring color to your life in unexpected ways.

URBAN ACTION. Brighten up your kicks for Spring 2020 with bold silhouettes and hot, new colors.
From tight knits to innovative transparency, you can take it to the streets in the futuristic cool of our athletic-inspired sneakers and sandal collection.
Joggers like Mac and Aris are easy on the feet and the eyes, and offer a fresh new take on the classic spring trend.

SPRING SPARKLE. There’s nothing better to help shake off the lingering winter feels than bold, colorful embellishment!
We’re loving the sexy nature of Vala’s pointed spikes, and the playful rainbow of Michele’s all-over snake.
Embrace the subtle shimmer of B-Summit-L’s on-the-go iridescence, and Blizi’s perfectly totable, snake-loving glamour.
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